Wednesday, 7 December 2011


As everyone knows, life catches up with you quickly without you even realising it most of the time.

It's been busy that I have been taking the moments I have to rest and yes I have been creating, but not had the time to blog about it or take pictures of what I have made, because blogging well, really does take time.

Unfortunately I have been busy buying too, given the waiting that I have been doing for Black Friday/Cyber Monday to get a number of things that I have been waiting for discounts for.

Here's some of the things that I have bought:

1. Fujifilm x10

If you have not seen this beauty, it is wonderful. I wrote about this earlier, and really for me who wants control and portability this is good. Will it be able to replace my DSLR? No in a short answer, the main reason being because of the lack of a good viewfinder (with the x10, I can see the lens and it irks me).

However the quality is really there, with a decent zoom that unlike other compacts, you zoom by twisting the lens ring, just like my DSLR (:

It was costly, and not for everyone. But if you are a picky picky photographer who wants the control and the flexbility to carry it everywhere without throwing out your back, this is the camera (of course only till the better one rolls along)

Check out the exclusive website here

2. Rad Lab by Totally Rad

I really got into it after reading countless reviews that I had seen and trying it out for myself. And being a visual person when it comes to my photo editing about how it looks, it is a dream. And I liked it so much, I bought it before the free one month trial expired, in part because of the one-day sale that they had, but because I can see using it to speed up creatively editing my photos.

I have "problems" doing so, as I was trained in photojournalism primarily from the start and that ethically, only dodging and burning tools ahould be used on my photos. So it requires a mindset change.

Check it out here and be dazzled

3. Baker's Twine from The Twinery

I love baker's twine and use it nearly on most projects I have created. For the longest time I have contemplated buying the full rolls, as my LSS sells it by the yard at a cost I'll rather not have. But being out of the US, shipping is always an issue. In fact I had been kicking myself for not taking advantage of the free shipping offer that they had two months ago.

But along came Monday and there were discounts going on that made buying my twine finally platable. I wanted to sweep of the shelves as many rolls as possible, but had to control myself. I got: Blossom (pink), Oyster (Grey), Yellow and Aqua, the colours that I reach for most often.

Click here to see more

There's actually still more, but I think that the post is long enough.

But it needs pictures and I have an older layout to share:

Supplies: Pebbles, October Afternoon Sprinkles, Baker's Twine

I used my silhouette for the title too in the cursive font for the title.I adore the tiny heart buttons, so cutely shaped (:

Hope you are having a good day!

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