Thursday, 8 December 2011


I already had the design A page protectors in my hands and had planned to stop there, using a WRMK faux leather 3-ring binder, even though my heart was swaying here and there about whether or not to purchase the core kit.

The pros was that the design was something that I liked and that it would be "easier" to keep updated with th cards and such. The cons is that I might get tired of using the same design repeatedly and that I really should use my stash instead.

However, as they made their way to Singapore, it swayed the balance a little and I caved and bought Clementine

I went down yesterday and now have the pretty white box in my hands (: You must understand the commitment to go and collect as it is the other end of the island from which my house is located - even though I have to qualify that Singapore really isn't that big.

And now for the unboxing to see all the goodness that is stored within the box

One thing that I didn't like though was the styrofoam inserts. I have an intense dislike for the "screeching" sound that styrofoam makes when rubbed the wrong way. Personally I would have preferred that it were sturdy paper inserts. It is highly likely that I would be "dismantling" the package as it is a nightmare for me to constantly hear the screeching sound. Which is a little sad as I would have liked to kept it this way. A couple of cards were also dented as I believe they were inserted without enough care, but I understand that when you manufacture offshore, usually quality control is compromised. But this is really minor and I just won't use those cards, or will find a way to cover it up if used.

  As it was because of the design that I bought it, I would be remiss to not include pictures of the cards that are within. My favourites are the graph/clock design, the grey/white combos and and typeface cards. Personally I think it looked better in person than on the screen.

An upclose look for those who might want a better look at it. I apologise for the slight 'glow' on the cards due to the unusual morning sun over my house.

I'm still contemplating at this point whether to use my Red WRMK album or the Butter album that will coordinate better with the entire project.

I'm also a couple of days late in posting it here, but I have had it prepped and ready to go a few weeks ago.
Just had time to capture my cover

Supplies: Crate Paper, Maya Road, The Twinery, American crafts, Studio Calico

I have adopted the attitude of document it over everything, but yet it is important to me in order to keep the engine started to get the cover right. I knew that I wanted to use woodgrain for the cover and decided to do wood on wood, by attaching a Maya Road wooden doily.

Sprinkled on some white Mr Huey's which to me looks gorgeous on the woodgrain paper.A felt detail from American Crafts Dear Lizzie line, twine and a light coat of Shine Mr Huey completed my cover and really made it easier for me to feel excited for my DD.

Now to continue the work on the inner pages that show December and Christmas in it.


  1. DD is looking good!!!! love the splatters on the front! Im waiting for my PL to arrive, I ordered Cobalt, but now Im wishing I order it, and Clementine!!! Looks fab!

  2. Beautiful DD cover, I love it! That woodgrain is so cozy!

  3. Beautiful DD cover, can't wait to see more!

  4. That Clementine was calling my name really is gorgeous. Holding out though. Love your cover for your DD!

  5. i love your cover. The PL kit looks like fun

  6. I am so with you on the styrofoam! That is one of those sounds that I can't stand!
    Love the cover of your DD! Beautiful!

  7. SUPER cute cover! One of the best I've seen!

  8. Cute DD cover and I love the PL kit you chose. The colors in that kit are awesome!

  9. are making me want to buy this:)2012 is going to be amazing with all of the PL goodness people will be sharing.

  10. OOh the Clementine kit looks fab. I am picking mine up in NZ over the holidays to bring back to the Little Red Dot. I had ordered before they announced the Singapore option. I am keen to see how your PL album starts off.


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