Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I have been looking high and low for a typewriter this year especially a cute coloured one. Because who doesn't like a mod coloured typewriter, with aqua being on the top of my list.

So much so that I nearly bought one when I was in the US in July at the Brooklyn Flea. I don't need to tell you the hassle having to carry a typewriter through customs, adding to my already nearly overweight baggage.

And I had nearly given up hope, even though I had went around asking "older" people I knew if they had one, most having thrown theirs away since the advent of the computer.

On friday, as I was walking pass this shop that I always pass, which sells "vintage" items in Singapore, such as older books and Chinese traditional objects. One thing you need to know is that thrifting is not very popular in Singapore, and in fact most Asian countries, especially clothes. This is as it is a taboo to wear someone else's clothes, especially those that belong to someone who has died, especially for Chinese culture. So in Singapore, it is treated as a junk shop.

On a whim, I decided to enquire if they had working typewriters and lo and behold, he did. Two in fact. One a gorgeous green Remington, but it was really working properly, despite the reassurances from the shopowner. The other was a classic Olympia Traveller De luxe, which was supposed to be white, but dirt and dust had won the battle over time. I got the latter, the main draw being that it was nearly three times cheaper than the other and it had red and black ink options.

Afterwhich I spent nearly an hour wiping it clean of dust and grime and learnt how to change the type ribbon and I was able to use my typewriter for my layouts after which (:

Supplies: CratePaper, October Afternoon, Jenni Bowlin, American Crafts

My fascination with typewriters started when I used one when I was younger at a friend's house to type up a project paper. I had a computer at home, but no printer, hence we resorted to the typewriter to finish our work. Since then I have been enamoured.

However owning one was never a possibility until recently, and I am well and happy with my purchase. I even managed to find a local stationery store that sells the ribbon refill that I need.

So I look forward especially to using it to add to my project life next year. And I am sure the type will make an appearance in my future layouts too.


  1. Love your layout and hooray to your finding :)

  2. Wonderful layout, congrats on finding such a beautiful typewriter!

  3. What a find! Congrats. The story and layout is wonderful.

  4. what a cool layout- i love it! great find too!

  5. Congrats on finding the typewriter! And your layout is gorgeous! Just stunning...love the vintage vibe from it!

  6. Great layout - and congrats for finding a typewriter!

  7. yay! so glad you found one -- I'm still looking!!

  8. Oh what a neat find! and a great page to go along with it!

  9. Very cool find and gorgeous layout! :)

  10. Nice layout and what a great find!


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