Saturday, 19 November 2011


Finally managed to get down to editing the photos of a wedding that I shot. As mentioned before, editing the photos seems to always be my undoing and I am still tweaking my workflow so that less time spent better.

So here's a sneak of some of the photos that I took:

What do you think? I think this workflow will suit me and my needs much better (:

Friday, 18 November 2011


This is a familiar tune from the university hall days where I used to be part of the acapella group hahaha.... and the main event was doing caroling tunes to raise money/ or rather earn money for the year.

One of the memories that I have is us huddling in the music room all in hushed tones to record some carols as samplers to send out for jobs, which we did get some. We would all hold our breath while waiting for the leader to say OK, before we would all heave a sigh of relief and start chatting while hearing the playback. Of course this was done in the most unprofessional way plausible, in a non-acoustic room with a wholly unprofessional recorder.

To this day, I still have my scores and can remember my parts (:

As many have been blogging all over the blogosphere, the red Starbucks cups have made their appearance, for me meaning that toffee nut is in the house. I decided to do a layout on this year's cups and flavours, as the cups change every year and thee flavours differ from year to year.

Supplies: Crate Paper, American crafts, Doodlebug

I cut apart the tall and grande cups which my Starbucks person happily gave me. I secretly think that they are used to it and probably have printed cups in excess in anticipation of crazy scrapbookers asking for their paper cups. If only they would christmasify up the cold beverages one. I'm thinking white snowflakes splashed across the cup. Well, if any Starbucks person reads this, here's my suggestion hands waving.

 Do you have a different set of flavours at your Starbucks?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


The scrapping world is often filled with children, documenting their everyday life and milestones. Seldom are they about the person scrapping, and of course there are the exceptions, but more often than not, it is dominated by children and families.

This brings me to why I engage in it. I don't have children that I want to document my life for or their life for them. But I scrap for me. To me, it is a journal of my life and my own memories, for no one but myself. I enjoy pulling out my books and flipping through them and remembering the past memories. This is mainly because I like to put my layouts in albums the minute I'm done with them.

They either go in the 12x12 album or clear frames where I can look at them longer, but never just left there. This is for practical reasons as I scrap memories and don't want them damaged, which they might if I leave them out. I put them in, sometimes moving them around (but that is for another blog post).

The key thing for me was to have a place to store the many photos that are taken. In this digital age, we snap many photos but we do not look often at them. I am a big offender as I often go for trips, take loads of photos but struggle even to load them to my computer. Even when I do, it sits there, as I loathe photo editing. (perhaps this should be my resolution for 2012 to organise my photos better) And I never ever look at them.

Since scrapbooking, I at least have images printed out and ready to see by just pulling out my album and viewing them. A little disclaimer here, this my be just me. Images are powerful and now at least I have them in tactile form, ready to evoke memories that I have squirrelled away in a corner of my mind.

Of course the pretty paper and embellishments are a big draw and I do get the satisfaction from playing with pretty things. I occasionally do pages that are simply just to get a creative fix, but most of the time it is to document something. The exception is when I share creations for other people, because it really would be weird to be journalling on their pages.

Long post, but just some thoughts I have had. And because as much as it is about documentation, we all do still like pretty things, here's a layout made with Crate Paper:

Made this quite some time ago but haven't put up here.

Other supplies: Studio Calico, American Crafts

What motivates you to scrapbook?

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


University days were certainly filled with much activity. One of them was crusade activities.

Here's a layout to commemorate those days

Supplies: Hambly, Studio Calico

I cut the background mask with my silhouette and misted it with Dewey and Lemonade Mister Hueys. I especially adore the rub-on camera. Splatters were made with Plum Thumb mist.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


If you haven't heard, Sassafras is no longer in manufacturing, which means no more new lines from them.

They were one of the first lines that I had been introduced to when I first started scrapbooking and moved away from their cutesy lines, hitting the ball out of the park with their last few releases.

This one was an experiment where they did digital type pages, where embellishments and stitching are print on the paper already, making the page look more worked than it actually was.

Supplies: Sassafras, Studio Calico, Hero Arts, Maya Road, Jenni Bowlin

The paper itself already had a pink undertone. I placed the ampersand mask and misted it with pink mist, adding a few splotches here and there. I also added some real stitching to compliment the printed one. The foldies flowers completed the look together with the herringbone stamp

Journaling was about my final year project in university and is usually the length of journaling that I include on all my pages, this being about recording memories. However as aesthetic is also of importance to me, I do hidden journaling if you don't see it on my pages.

I am awaiting my big box from them, especially of Sunshine Broadcast, their final release line, especially the grey white polka dot paper.
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