Friday, 18 November 2011


This is a familiar tune from the university hall days where I used to be part of the acapella group hahaha.... and the main event was doing caroling tunes to raise money/ or rather earn money for the year.

One of the memories that I have is us huddling in the music room all in hushed tones to record some carols as samplers to send out for jobs, which we did get some. We would all hold our breath while waiting for the leader to say OK, before we would all heave a sigh of relief and start chatting while hearing the playback. Of course this was done in the most unprofessional way plausible, in a non-acoustic room with a wholly unprofessional recorder.

To this day, I still have my scores and can remember my parts (:

As many have been blogging all over the blogosphere, the red Starbucks cups have made their appearance, for me meaning that toffee nut is in the house. I decided to do a layout on this year's cups and flavours, as the cups change every year and thee flavours differ from year to year.

Supplies: Crate Paper, American crafts, Doodlebug

I cut apart the tall and grande cups which my Starbucks person happily gave me. I secretly think that they are used to it and probably have printed cups in excess in anticipation of crazy scrapbookers asking for their paper cups. If only they would christmasify up the cold beverages one. I'm thinking white snowflakes splashed across the cup. Well, if any Starbucks person reads this, here's my suggestion hands waving.

 Do you have a different set of flavours at your Starbucks?


  1. No we are in Singapore too and have the same flavours. I really like the toffee nut myself. Love your suggestion for decorated cold cups as I am a frap girl all the way. Love your layout!

  2. Really, really cute. I don't care for Starbucks (I'm picky about coffee)

  3. Love, love, love, your page!!! Those flavours sound great! Unfortunately we still don't have a lot of starbucks locations in Holland and they're too far for me :-(


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