Thursday, 29 December 2011


Here's more of my album to share, though it has been really hard to get good photos as it has been dreary rainy weather here in Singapore and I am often out of the house before sunrise and only back after sunset:


I still have more pages to add, but I think so far so good.

A couple of notes about what worked for me and what didn't:
1. Jot down the memory that you have for each day so that decision making is hastened. Less time spent fussing, more time spent crafting.
2. Though it would be ideal to work on it s each day passes, it doesn't work for me and I work better with doing a few days in a row, both printing and creativity wise
3. Snowflakes were cut by my silhouette and helped add a "christmas" atmosphere
4. To use a good mix of typewriter and handwritten notes is just right for me.
5. Label stickers are a go to asset for several reasons: it provides a place for journaling and helps it to pop out when the page/background is exceptionally busy.
6. I realised that I am really really picky when it comes to the fonts that I choose to showcase in a mini album. I only like specific fonts and not much of others and I like consistency and more graphic type designs.
7. I like the glossiness and pop that the tin pins gave. So much so that I have plans for that for 2012 that I will shall when it is ready.
8. Used a photo template for the first time. Will experiment more for sure to use it more often next year especially for event type pages/photos.

I feel more prepared for project life and tackling it next year. My binder, my page protectors and core kit are ready to be exercised. Must remind myself to not stress over filling it but just to document things from my life now. Especially since it seems to be one full of travel at the moment. And I will be posting here, hopefully regularly so check in for my take on project life. *fingers crossed that I keep up with it and take enough photos from life to fill it up nicely*

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Christmas week has come and gone, though its remnants are still around (:

I have been busy finishing my "cup-dom" of christmas gifts. Let me explain cup-dom which comprised of a kingdom that spanned more than 100 cups.

So this year I discovered the joy of vinyl and decided to spread it all around, giving vinyl decorated cups. I special ordered chalkboard vinyl and used my silhouette to cut vinyl like a mad woman. Chalk is somewhat a rare commodity nowadays, being somewhat of a novel thing especially for children. This is as schools here now use whiteboards and eraseable markers unlike the yesteryears.

And this was the result (front and back):

The chalk was placed inside the chalk, giving it a tinkling sound as it clanged against the cups.

Giving a hundred of these meant:
- coming back from ikea with 3 big boxes stacked with the cups
- countless repetitive actions of remove the three stickers that were on the cup (though I do not understand why there is a need for THREE stickers), clean with nail polish remover, peel vinyl, center it, and smooth it out with a scraper.

While I have been doing that, I have been keeping up with my DD.

Here it is, looking nice and fat, the rings are about to burst, but I think it makes it look well-loved

Just some pages to share, will be back to share more of it in due time.

Hope that you are having a lovely christmas with all your loved ones.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I have been looking high and low for a typewriter this year especially a cute coloured one. Because who doesn't like a mod coloured typewriter, with aqua being on the top of my list.

So much so that I nearly bought one when I was in the US in July at the Brooklyn Flea. I don't need to tell you the hassle having to carry a typewriter through customs, adding to my already nearly overweight baggage.

And I had nearly given up hope, even though I had went around asking "older" people I knew if they had one, most having thrown theirs away since the advent of the computer.

On friday, as I was walking pass this shop that I always pass, which sells "vintage" items in Singapore, such as older books and Chinese traditional objects. One thing you need to know is that thrifting is not very popular in Singapore, and in fact most Asian countries, especially clothes. This is as it is a taboo to wear someone else's clothes, especially those that belong to someone who has died, especially for Chinese culture. So in Singapore, it is treated as a junk shop.

On a whim, I decided to enquire if they had working typewriters and lo and behold, he did. Two in fact. One a gorgeous green Remington, but it was really working properly, despite the reassurances from the shopowner. The other was a classic Olympia Traveller De luxe, which was supposed to be white, but dirt and dust had won the battle over time. I got the latter, the main draw being that it was nearly three times cheaper than the other and it had red and black ink options.

Afterwhich I spent nearly an hour wiping it clean of dust and grime and learnt how to change the type ribbon and I was able to use my typewriter for my layouts after which (:

Supplies: CratePaper, October Afternoon, Jenni Bowlin, American Crafts

My fascination with typewriters started when I used one when I was younger at a friend's house to type up a project paper. I had a computer at home, but no printer, hence we resorted to the typewriter to finish our work. Since then I have been enamoured.

However owning one was never a possibility until recently, and I am well and happy with my purchase. I even managed to find a local stationery store that sells the ribbon refill that I need.

So I look forward especially to using it to add to my project life next year. And I am sure the type will make an appearance in my future layouts too.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I'm back to share the rest of my Bangkok Mini.
See the first part here

A few more things and details:
1. I used washi tape on the name cards as I can remove them easily if I need the other side for future trips. Love the properties of washi tape just for this purposes.
2. The Jenni Bowlin stickers I used are the perfect size and shape for minis
3. I realised that I take way too many food photos

Also I am entered in the American Crafts Facebook contest with this mini. The winner will receive all four of the new books and embellishments from the Amy Tan Daybook release and that means even more minis to make to document my trip.

If you liked my mini in all its brightness and memorabilia, do cast a vote for me here (Click on 'here').

It is much appreciated and thanks in advance. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them too!

Monday, 12 December 2011


I'm back with a share of the first half of my "Amy Tan" inspired book from Bangkok. Warning: It will be a photoheavy post!

Just a few random notes:
1. Thai Airways was the flight that I took
2. I printed out some of my photos with my pivi, but decided to print majority back at home
3. I use the roll of washi tape I had with me to mark out pages for certain photos I had taken and wanted printed out back at home so I knew how much space I had. I wrote with a ball point pen on the washi, and because of its properties, easily removed it when I got back home and added my journaling.
4. Crazily, it was only the night before I left that I decided to make a minibook to bring along for the vacation. So I was busily handstitching away at 2am with my luggage half-packed.
5. Memorabilia was collected and pasted on the trip. As mentioned I marked out spaces so as to keep the album chronological and completed when I got back.
6. As the album is at bursting point, I used a strip of washi tape to keep it closed, which means that I can open it easily when I want to too.
7. I use a Selphy ES40 at home. Love this printer though it does not print true 4x6 photos.

Will share the other half tomorrow. I'm also kinda addicted to making these books and am making some as presents for friends who I know will use it. Yet all the same, I'm looking forward to the new "daybooks" that American Crafts and Amy Tan have paired up to create.

Friday, 9 December 2011


What happened to December 1 to 6?

Well I was actually away from home at the start of December, which I'll share more about later, so I decided to dive right in and record the days memories and do catch up later. That seems to be what a couple of people are doing and for me, it just makes better sense. After all even if I don't get back to the front pages, some being recorded is always better than none, right?

Supplies: Crate Paper, American Crafts, The Twinery, Cosmo Cricket, October Afternoon, Maya Road, My Mind's Eye, Studio Calico

As DD is not to just document Christmas, as it isn't a big thing at home, I document interesting things I see of everyday life too. As my table is usually in a mess of bits and pieces here and there, I just grab what I have and use it, in addition to already put aside for DD supplies. Thus my supply list is long at time.

This is a Merlion (a national symbol in Singapore) there was made purely out of lego pieces that was in the toy store that I was in. What is gushing out of his mouth is supposed to be water created from lego.

Interesting fact, a Singaporean is one of eight lego certified lego masters in the world today and is commissioned to make many large objects out of lego.

Christmas trees are in every mall everywhere. In Singapore, malls are everywhere, so I'm sure you can imagine how many trees I have seen so far.

Supplies: Crate Paper, Keng, Jenni Bowlin, Silhouette, American Crafts,  October Afternoon, Doodlebug, Maya Road
Love the grey October Afternoon opaque mist to add a little dimension to the mix. Isn't the "EIGHT" paper tape too cute?
Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Shows like that are galore in numbers in Singapore. Growing up, Elmo and Cookie Monster were my favourite characters ever.

So back to being away at the start of the month
This was where I was for work. And I made a minibook "Amy Tan" style to add things about this trip inside. Previously I had used a photo album with pockets to documnet trips overseas, as for the long haul ones, it would include items that I would want to have pictures of both side or want to be able to feel. But for these short ones, a book to stick everything down and have it look cute is good.

Here's the pre-book, as taken on the plane towards Bangkok. PS: I only did the cover when I was on the plane as I had stayed up the night before to create the book and did not have enough time.

Will share the completed book tomorrow, all done within just a day.

It helped that I used my new Fuji x10 as the SOOC shots are generally of very good quality and colour, so minimal, if any, editing is needed. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it immediately.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


I already had the design A page protectors in my hands and had planned to stop there, using a WRMK faux leather 3-ring binder, even though my heart was swaying here and there about whether or not to purchase the core kit.

The pros was that the design was something that I liked and that it would be "easier" to keep updated with th cards and such. The cons is that I might get tired of using the same design repeatedly and that I really should use my stash instead.

However, as they made their way to Singapore, it swayed the balance a little and I caved and bought Clementine

I went down yesterday and now have the pretty white box in my hands (: You must understand the commitment to go and collect as it is the other end of the island from which my house is located - even though I have to qualify that Singapore really isn't that big.

And now for the unboxing to see all the goodness that is stored within the box

One thing that I didn't like though was the styrofoam inserts. I have an intense dislike for the "screeching" sound that styrofoam makes when rubbed the wrong way. Personally I would have preferred that it were sturdy paper inserts. It is highly likely that I would be "dismantling" the package as it is a nightmare for me to constantly hear the screeching sound. Which is a little sad as I would have liked to kept it this way. A couple of cards were also dented as I believe they were inserted without enough care, but I understand that when you manufacture offshore, usually quality control is compromised. But this is really minor and I just won't use those cards, or will find a way to cover it up if used.

  As it was because of the design that I bought it, I would be remiss to not include pictures of the cards that are within. My favourites are the graph/clock design, the grey/white combos and and typeface cards. Personally I think it looked better in person than on the screen.

An upclose look for those who might want a better look at it. I apologise for the slight 'glow' on the cards due to the unusual morning sun over my house.

I'm still contemplating at this point whether to use my Red WRMK album or the Butter album that will coordinate better with the entire project.

I'm also a couple of days late in posting it here, but I have had it prepped and ready to go a few weeks ago.
Just had time to capture my cover

Supplies: Crate Paper, Maya Road, The Twinery, American crafts, Studio Calico

I have adopted the attitude of document it over everything, but yet it is important to me in order to keep the engine started to get the cover right. I knew that I wanted to use woodgrain for the cover and decided to do wood on wood, by attaching a Maya Road wooden doily.

Sprinkled on some white Mr Huey's which to me looks gorgeous on the woodgrain paper.A felt detail from American Crafts Dear Lizzie line, twine and a light coat of Shine Mr Huey completed my cover and really made it easier for me to feel excited for my DD.

Now to continue the work on the inner pages that show December and Christmas in it.
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