Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Christmas week has come and gone, though its remnants are still around (:

I have been busy finishing my "cup-dom" of christmas gifts. Let me explain cup-dom which comprised of a kingdom that spanned more than 100 cups.

So this year I discovered the joy of vinyl and decided to spread it all around, giving vinyl decorated cups. I special ordered chalkboard vinyl and used my silhouette to cut vinyl like a mad woman. Chalk is somewhat a rare commodity nowadays, being somewhat of a novel thing especially for children. This is as schools here now use whiteboards and eraseable markers unlike the yesteryears.

And this was the result (front and back):

The chalk was placed inside the chalk, giving it a tinkling sound as it clanged against the cups.

Giving a hundred of these meant:
- coming back from ikea with 3 big boxes stacked with the cups
- countless repetitive actions of remove the three stickers that were on the cup (though I do not understand why there is a need for THREE stickers), clean with nail polish remover, peel vinyl, center it, and smooth it out with a scraper.

While I have been doing that, I have been keeping up with my DD.

Here it is, looking nice and fat, the rings are about to burst, but I think it makes it look well-loved

Just some pages to share, will be back to share more of it in due time.

Hope that you are having a lovely christmas with all your loved ones.


  1. Love your cup idea. Your DD's are looking great.

  2. Your album looks fabulous! Love the format.

  3. Your album looks awesome and I love you 'stache mugs! How fun!!

  4. Fantastic work on your DD!!! And what great gifts!!!! Love them!! :)

  5. Love your DD! And what a very cool and clever idea with the chalk vinyl and cups...would have never thought of that!


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