Thursday, 29 December 2011


Here's more of my album to share, though it has been really hard to get good photos as it has been dreary rainy weather here in Singapore and I am often out of the house before sunrise and only back after sunset:


I still have more pages to add, but I think so far so good.

A couple of notes about what worked for me and what didn't:
1. Jot down the memory that you have for each day so that decision making is hastened. Less time spent fussing, more time spent crafting.
2. Though it would be ideal to work on it s each day passes, it doesn't work for me and I work better with doing a few days in a row, both printing and creativity wise
3. Snowflakes were cut by my silhouette and helped add a "christmas" atmosphere
4. To use a good mix of typewriter and handwritten notes is just right for me.
5. Label stickers are a go to asset for several reasons: it provides a place for journaling and helps it to pop out when the page/background is exceptionally busy.
6. I realised that I am really really picky when it comes to the fonts that I choose to showcase in a mini album. I only like specific fonts and not much of others and I like consistency and more graphic type designs.
7. I like the glossiness and pop that the tin pins gave. So much so that I have plans for that for 2012 that I will shall when it is ready.
8. Used a photo template for the first time. Will experiment more for sure to use it more often next year especially for event type pages/photos.

I feel more prepared for project life and tackling it next year. My binder, my page protectors and core kit are ready to be exercised. Must remind myself to not stress over filling it but just to document things from my life now. Especially since it seems to be one full of travel at the moment. And I will be posting here, hopefully regularly so check in for my take on project life. *fingers crossed that I keep up with it and take enough photos from life to fill it up nicely*


  1. Your DD looks great! I really love it, it is just my style! I too am planning for PL, I hope I make it through the whole year!

  2. Very Cool Pages! Esp. the twine cool!

  3. I really love your DD...the colors, not too Christmasy, and the little details. I've learned a lot too...just not sure yet how to apply it ;)

  4. Looks wonderful!! Love your Dos and Don'ts - good to have for next year. Great size too - more manageable :)

  5. Your pages are awesome and I love the tips that you've shared. I didn't do a DD this year but am planning on next year so it's good to read other's experiences doing it.

  6. Fantastic work!!! Love it all!! :)

  7. Love your DD, its beautiful!


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