Friday, 28 October 2011


I have been long long long drooling about project life, but it was never available in my neck of the woods in the world. Given that shipping to Singapore cost more than the kit itself, it really was not a viable option.

Luckily, I had a friend volunteer to bring it back for me from the US, so I quickly ordered it online, the Big packs of design A page protectors. Sadly the Clementine and Colbat versions were not yet available in time to have them shipped.

And now, it is coming to Singapore, through a local LSS, after so long. Of course at higher prices than US, but that is to be expected.

However many of those who have done it have said that they ended up digging into their own stash for the notecard pages and page titles, so a kit is not needed, especially when I do have a stash that needs to be used.

To me, it is a fascinating concept and a cool way to keep photos that you would not necessarily want to scrap but still is a part of everyday life. And how cool will it to be to look back at photos, as well as to make me scrap more photos for sure.

So here are some photos from Beck Higgins blog for you to drool over as I ponder over whether to wing it with my stash or get the lovely card sets. PS. I can't even decide between the both which I actually like better.

So do tell me, are you going to get Project Life too! Let's keep up and not get too overwhelmed by everyday life.

Friday, 21 October 2011


Fujifilm x10 that is.

My new lust target is black sleek and sexy. I have long been in the market for a high quality zoom, and I think this is the answer. With f2.0-f2.8, this is amazing. My ep1 is fine and well and a compact I need you too, especially if I do Project Life

All the good reviews I have read so far doesn't help.

My difficulties with finding a compact is that a DSLR has spoilt me and I am picky about picture quality and a camera doing what I want. This looks like a pretty good solution and fuji is well-known for the great colour rendering.

Ok tech geek stuff over for now.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


As any good crafty lover should have, I myself have had several Maya Road chip board albums.  So I decided to make good use of my stash and create a family album to gift to someone.

A look at the side of the album

The insides, including a trifold pull out to put in multiple photos

Making use of the Crate Paper Restoration collection. It's vintage family style is just perfect for such an album

Throwing in some prima flowers 

Hope that the family receiving it likes it. Cos I really do (:
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