Friday, 17 February 2012


No Project Life spread yet for me :(  Have been too busy this week and hoping to catch up with it for the weekend.

Just wanted to share a mini project that I did with my silhouette SD.

I designed the placement of the words and then cut them out on Vinyl. This is good stuff, as it is thin, which doesn't add bulk to the notebook. The other good thing is that if this were cut out on paper or cardstock, it would be difficult to ensure that the placement of the words remain the same, as transfer paper is used.

To understand more about what I'm talking about you can click here where there is a much better explanation (:

Here's a close up look to what it looks like

There's a "frosted" plastic cover on top which explains why it looks a bit blur. (:

These were made for friends, but I will be putting some up in my etsy store if anyone is interested.
So as everyone knows, CHA Winter 2012 was the CHA of Washi tape or paper tape. Having a sizeable collection, storage is an issue. And the phrase out of sight out of mind is very applicable. So I sought a solution.

While in my search, etsy had some gorgeous ones, but it was out of my price range, especially factoring in shipping from the US. Enter a great place to find things that you never thought that you would need here in Singapore - Daiso. And the absolute best part is that it is just $2.

This is originally a dish/plate holder - imagine dishes slotted in between every two 'poles'. Once I saw it, thinking that it was indeed similar to what I had spotted on etsy, albeit shorter, I knew that it would work.

On average each 'pole' can take four tapes, depending on the thickness. As the rolls from Amercian Crafts and Hambly seem to be smaller in diameter, this made it fit perfectly with my bigger size MT ones. And you can classify them to dots, stripes, themed or mix them all up (:

 So now it will sit on my desk as a gentle reminder to be used, and yet not rolling about the place in a container. And it is easy to move around if needed too. And you can personalise it by painting the wood or decorating it with Washi tape (:

For anyone who is curious on how you can use these pretty tapes, you can check out this post on the Scraplicious blog. It is especially convenient for those of us who are doing Project Life.

For those in Singapore and Asia, Scraplicious is still having a promotion to giveaway a $10 gift voucher on FaceBook and Twitter so do check it out. And remember to go down to your nearest Daiso to find yours.


  1. I love those beautiful books!

    And the washi tape holders are perfect!

  2. Oh I am sooo going to Daiso this weekend. I do not have enough washi to fill the whole stand yet but it is good to have a goal. TFS.

  3. ok daiso has just opened in melbourne and i needed a reason to visit - now i have it thanks to you!

  4. Great idea to store your tapes!

  5. those books are so great and I am very envious of your washi tape fabulousness!!!

  6. Your books are beautiful! Love the saying you put on the front of them.

  7. I need to get some of those tapes! Great idea on organizing them.

  8. The verse you chose for your journals is one of my favorites! What a great way to be reminded. . .

  9. Oooo, great storage idea! Love it. I'm still figuring out what to do with mine. This gives me ideas . . .

  10. LOVE the notebooks and that is a great idea for the washi! those can be pesky things to store!!!

  11. That's awesome- yes I have to agree it's a fabulous find and highly useful- will now try to find my own version here in NYC- thanks for the info!!

  12. Oh your books are awesome and the washi tape holder is a great idea!


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