Thursday, 23 February 2012


It's Project Life Catch up time (:

Here's Week Six to share

I think I'm in love with the Jenni Bowlin doily punch. I can't help to use it to add visual interest (: Used some of my own printables in the Project Life layout too.

 One thing I've had to learn to do for sure is give up perfectionism within me and let go with Project Life. Personally I'm not a fan of the top left hand corner, but I have learnt that obsessing with it brings about nothing good and instead to do it and move on. I keep chanting in my head:  you are documenting life, not perfectionism.

I included a brochure in this page to highlight the area surrounding where I stay, as it was nice and glossy. This week I saw lots of cool decor and design elements. Love the quote from pinterest.

That's all for this week of Project Life. I hope that you have been inspired. Do check out the Project Life Asia Flickr group too for more inspiration.

Project Life is a line of products by Becky Higgins, and can be used for documentation of daily life or anything else you may want. I am using it to remember the year and take more photos of  my everyday. For those who live in Asia, you can get your PL supplies from ScrapliciousFollow my PL journey hereYou can check out more project life week pages all around the web, check out The Mom Creative


  1. I have just put that doily punch in my cart online. I think it will stay there after seeing your use of it. I love the way you are mixing and matching the Clementine kit with other elements.

  2. looks great! Glad you've caught up! I noticed less food in week 6 :-)! Bring back the delicious food for next week!

  3. yep - I have been coveting that doily punch :) Your PL is looking great!

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  5. Looks awsome! I love that punch too!

  6. These look fab! Love the map and the awesome quote near it!

  7. I like your blog and I love your layouts! :-) Your works are stunning, congratulations.

    Big hugs from
    Vintage Collages

  8. Looks great!
    This is my first attempt at Project Life, and at two months in, it has been starting to hit me that I don't like it. Which made me start to try and figure out why, and I think it goes back to the perfectionism issue. "I'm not perfectly documenting every story every day so why do it at all?" "The pages aren't particularly matchy (which bothers me)." "What are my kids going to do with this someday." So I've decided not to quit yet because this may be the perfect (LOL) opportunity to work through some of those inhibitory issues!

  9. really great pages....look forward to see the next week :)


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