Tuesday, 6 March 2012


It's going to be a little more quiet than usual here as I am overseas in Hong Kong.

To prepare for documenting during the trip, I did the same thing that I did for Bangkok last year, by preparing a mini-book to be filled along the way while I am on the trip.

And I started working on it on the plane

Those items surrounding my minibook are but a small portion of the things I brought along to scrap along the way... I definitely over-packed scrapping supplies. I'll try to update as my book progresses, but limited light will be an obstacle for sure. So stay tuned to my possible live updates of my progress with the book. I have my trusty pivi mp300 with me, but won't print all the picture with it, just the important ones (:

For those in Singapore who were interested in the sneak that I posted the other day, here's the class schedule from Scraplicious.
The class name that I showed the sneak of is "Pretty in Pink". Here's the sneak again for reference (:

Hope to see you in class and have a good rest of the week!


  1. love seeing the book you prepared on the plane! I hope we get to see it come together :)

  2. LOVE that little sneak!! enjoy your trip and it looks like you have a great group of supplies to work with. :)

  3. Oooh...looks like lots of fun to be had on that trip!!!

  4. love your book so far! have fun!!

  5. that is super! love the sneak and i love that you started on the plane!

  6. just found your blog via Steph Howell, although I am sure that I have seen your stuff on SC or come across your site before!!
    just wanted to say hello and love your stuff!! :)


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