Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I'm back with Project Life Week 11 and its loaded with something new and exciting (at least to me). Here's a small hint of what's to come.

Any guesses?

Well I used it on my Project Life this week.... and yes I know that I have yet to share Week 9 but it is done and I am all caught up and happy about it. It really helps to be up-to-date quickly because I download my photos regularly.

So here is Week 11 in all its glory (:

I love that vellum cloud paper, so much so that I wanted to keep the vellum free from "items" on it. The water colour feel with the "see-through" quality of the vellum.

It's a bit of a different type of date card for me, very floral, but the experimenting of something new every week is what I like about Project Life. Also I typed on vellum for the first time.

The tag is one that I am experimenting with for my etsy shop, as a name card of sorts.

A shoutout to Missy who sent me the stamp as well as a lovely chevron one. This week also brought the introduction of the most fabulous cheesy/salsa dip.

And once in a while it is good to keep things simple with the journaling cards which I did for this side.

Sorry for the short descriptions, but if you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I'll try to answer them.

So any ideas on my little brewing project? I'm sure that you must have guessed and I will share in due course as I am trying to finalise a few things.

Project Life is a line of products by Becky Higgins, and can be used for documentation of daily life or anything else you may want. I am using it to remember the year and take more photos of  my everyday. For those who live in Asia, you can get your PL supplies from ScrapliciousFollow my PL journey hereYou can check out more project life week pages all around the web, check out The Mom Creative


  1. an absolutely wonderful spread!!!! I need that lovely stamp now :)

  2. i guess it's your custom stamp... and a camera one is it???

  3. Your pages look awesome, so bright and fresh. The coloring works so well together.

  4. Love the spring colours in your pages. And yes, I am assuming it's some type of customised stamp or monogram?!

  5. I love looking @ Your Project Life layouts. :)

  6. love your pages, as always, love the little confetti-type insert you included.

  7. Such nice use of color! Love your etsy shop tag.

  8. I like the etsy shop tag. Very colorful!

  9. your title card looks great! I too think PL is a great place to experiment :)


  10. Your album is so so pretty. Loving it!!

  11. oooh love the wax stamp, coolness. I love to you mix handwritten journaling and typed journaling ;)

  12. Beautiful! The colors are so fresh and inviting! I also love the mix of journaling.


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