Thursday, 31 March 2011


One of my frequently used items is mist to add dimension and some texture to a layout. The best part is that it isn't bulky, so pages still remain compact, but may not look so.

One of the latest mists in the market is Mr Huey.

The thing that stands out is that they are not glittery, so they are more versatile, both boyish and girlish pages can use them.

My absolute favourite is the white. It is nice and opaque, and visible on even dark coloured background, when you do ink splatters. My love for it though, goes beyond just that.

Other than making white splatters, you can also use it to tone down vibrant colours. It can act a bit like vellum of old. Or if you want a shade of colour to appear, you can mask it so a shape of colour becomes more obvious.

And it looks snowy, perfect for christmas cards.

There are many other colours, but if I could only pick one to have, it would be white all the way.

Have you met Mr Huey?

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