Sunday, 9 September 2012


Project Life catch up alert!!! This means a barrage of the past few weeks of my Project Life catch up in place. (: And noting down small significant moments.

The publication of my name in the glory box of the magazine for the first time. And I love the woodgrain chevron by Alison Kraft for Echo Park.

It was also the saying goodbye to a dear friend who is going to spend at least a year in Japan. I also had the chance to go for the local launch of Canon's new four-thirds series of camera.

Did you know that Legoland is opening in Malaysia Johor, barely an hour away from Singapore. Love all the replicas of famous landmarks in Lego, the best part of the park if you ask me, though I like all the parts which are made of Lego, which is scattered everywhere, I kid you not.

This also marked my first time driving around in a buggy on my own. True Story: I couldn't figure out how to reverse my buggy for a good five minutes before giving in and asking for help ;(

Angry Bird mooncakes also graced our office, stirring much excitement amongst everyone. Love the Starburst stamp from Studio Calico and still making good use of the Lawn Fawn stamps that I have a new obsession about.

Percival the dinosaur has got my hear with the flatness and absolutely cuteness.

That's all for today. Have done more but the weather hasn't been good enough, or rather I haven't been at home when the sun is up. Will be back soon with more (:

Project Life is a line of products by Becky Higgins, and can be used for documentation of daily life or anything else you may want. I am using it to remember the year and take more photos of  my everyday. For those who live in Asia, you can get your PL supplies from ScrapliciousFollow my PL journey here

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