Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Catch up in postings that is - though I must say that I have been scaling down from the past where I could do a week in a two page spread. After reaching the half year mark (and still being on the project... yay me!), I am probably going to head towards doing a two page spread every fortnight and being flexible enough to change things as they need to be done. No pressure too, as it is about the memories that are documented, not about having done it religiously.

There was a children's event at the museum in June and I made my way there with a few of my favourite kids. And of course the best exhibits would have been the ones that made it to the page. Particularly cool was the UV light exhibit which made everything glow, as well as the interactive exhibit with iconic images in black and white, reproducing as you spoke into the mike.

Thus there was also loads of journaling thrown into the mix... which reminds me that I really need to dig out my typewriter and my sewing machine again... because I want to, not have to (:

Project Life is a line of products by Becky Higgins, and can be used for documentation of daily life or anything else you may want. I am using it to remember the year and take more photos of  my everyday. For those who live in Asia, you can get your PL supplies from ScrapliciousFollow my PL journey hereTo view more project life week pages all around the web, check out The Mom Creative

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