Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Stitching has made its way onto layouts some time ago, where many scrappers just run it through the sewing machine for dimension and a touch of homemade quality.

But what about those who don't own one (even though it is at the top of my mind)

Enter the Sew Easy tool by We R Memory Keepers. Essentially it pokes holes through your cardstock , which you could do by hand. What the Sew Easy offers is even equally spaced stitches, even though making it go in a straight line can be challenging.

Supplies: Studio Calico Jan Add-on Betty Crocker
(Pardon the bad lighting from my iphone pictures on the layout)

What I did for this layout is to lightly sketch with a pencil where I envisioned the lines. I wanted crisscrossing wavy lines. I then took my Sew Easy tool and rolled over it. Easy peasy, the holes were created. I chose my thread colours and stitched the lines.

Some people say that you need the mat in order to make it work, but a mousepad that I had worked fine. Just make sure to use the soft side. And if there are really any imperfections, embrace it :P

In this case, the stitching really stood out against the kraft background which was what I was aiming for.

For the OCD, every stitch should be equally spaced, this tool will help you achieve with little fuss, though I have heard a straight line is more challenging. But if you like more complicated stitching ie beyong wavy and straight lines, this may not be the tool for you.

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