Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Hi everyone,

Just a quick update for Project Life today. It was a busy, but routine week here that I had, so the whole week is on just one page for this week.

And that is fine with me. It's better than stressing over trying to fill in the pockets got the sake of doing it (:

I recently went into a sequin craze, scattering it like confetti, a trend that has been hot in certain circles recent. I call it my shiny confetti.

Also, I snipped one of my camera cards into half to use it as a 'tag' of sorts. Also I'm continuing to use yellow thread to add stitching. Also noteworthy- airmail coloured washi. If you are looking for it Scraplicious, my LSS in Singapore, just brought in a whole new assortment of masking tapes, including this one, so head down there if you are interested.

It was also Earth Hour on Week 13 and I was witness to it in the busiest section of town and it was cool to see how all the lights dimmed for the hour.

Do you spot the camera flair with the wooden background? It's coming soonish to my etsy.

Project Life is a line of products by Becky Higgins, and can be used for documentation of daily life or anything else you may want. I am using it to remember the year and take more photos of  my everyday. For those who live in Asia, you can get your PL supplies from ScrapliciousFollow my PL journey hereYou can check out more project life week pages all around the web, check out The Mom Creative

On the topic of my etsy store, I have a new listing.

A fun mixture of doilies, paper bags, shipping tags, twine, sequins and exclusive vintage flowers flair.

Here's a close up look:

Go to the store or click here to see more details about the set called "Sweet Treats".

Hope you are having a good week! Mine has been swamped, but I hope to check back in soon.


  1. love the etsy shop! i will def be buying some of those cute journaling cards! love the layering.

  2. Great PL pages! Love the patterns and colors you included :) TFS!!


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