Saturday, 7 January 2012


***giveaway now closed***
To say that I am enamored by my badge making machine might be an understatement. My mind is flowing with ideas for badges, and I have tried my best to execute some of them. If you would like to purchase them, details can be found HERE

So here are just some pictures that I hope you enjoy!

Now to get back to my project life week 1. Will be back soon!


  1. Love these badges! Will make a nice, finishing touch on any scrapbook page!

  2. Great fun to have a badge maker! Just read your post below too - great idea to have a "station" for your project!!

  3. Hi! Love the badges. Could you share what kind of badge maker you have please? I have been wanting to own one, but I wanted to make sure it's the kind that creates the shiny effect as you have, not just making a button out of paper. Thanks so much!!


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